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New Voicemail Options
When you dial 309.944.8823 we have simplified the options to choose from:
  • At anytime you can dial your party's extension
  • Press 1 to speak with tech support
  • Press 2 to speak with billing
  • Press 3 for all other calls

Network Business Systems Inc.
Email: support@nbson.com
Phone: 309.944.8823
Fax: 309.441.6745


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Take the time to find out about your web host.
  • NBS has been a locally owned and operated business for over 18 years. Who is hosting your website?
  • NBS has a REAL office with REAL office hours and a REAL IT staff. Who do you call when your IT guy is at his day job?
  • NBS has an exterprise-grade fiber connection to the Internet. What is your host using for bandwidth?
  • NBS has a battery backed up, generated, and monitored building. Is your host going to be up when the power goes off?
  • NBS monitors all of its systems 24x7. Is anyone keeping your server running 24x7?